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The immersive and new math game

This immersive space game is aimed at a crew aged 9 to 12, whisking them across galaxies to the solar system Mathema. As your young astronauts fly off on an adventure to rescue the lost spaceship Envoy, classes, homework and endless worksheets will feel a million miles away.

They’ll battle interstellar warlord Aganak, meet Zusit aliens, explore planets and race to find the lost astronauts of Envoy – but they’ll need the right math skills to complete each mission. When it comes to learning games for kids they don’t get more interactive than this. Created by a master storyteller this world comes to life as you work your child works their way through the missions with tutorials and hints to help them on their way. It doesn’t get boring or repetitive after a few levels but plunges them deeper into an intergalactic adventure. 

parents love it too

Houston we have a solution. It’s not just children that enjoy their voyage into outer space, parents left back on planet Earth are happy too. Easy to use with no set-up needed, this game was created by teachers and storytellers, who happen to be parents too. It is designed to take children through missions that get progressively more difficult, but with plenty of tips and tutorials along the way. While you’re busy getting things done, they’ll be lost in another world, completely entertained and learning without even realizing. It is the educational game for kids that parents love.

how it works

This brand new game is available with several different set-ups, whether you want to try the free version, or sign up for a six-month or one-year plan and enjoy full access to the solar system Mathema, the Zusits and quirky Dr. Svein. It promises to be one of the best fun math games for kids

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Why you should try this game

It’s not rocket science
There is no complicated set up, simply log in and children will be able to get going on their own without you having to step in and help them out.

Out of this world fun
Forget the terrible stories and poor graphics of old educational games, this is a full gaming experience and an immersive adventure your kids will love.

A galaxy of missions
It doesn’t matter how fast or slow your child needs to go, there are different levels, a voice to text option and maths hints so they’l always feel engaged and encouraged.

Stay in their orbit
If you want to keep track of their progress, there is a parent dashboard where you can track their progress in real-time and see how they are advancing.


$8 month

  • What includes the application and what you get when you purchase it.
  • What includes the application and what you get when you purchase it.
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